About Us


We assist consumers throughout South Africa with consumer, credit law and insolvency matters. Such assistance includes the rescission and cancellation of administration orders and emolument attachment orders. We also assist consumers with the cancellation of the debt review process by rescinding debt review court orders and applying to court to have consumers declared not over-indebted. Where necessary, and the consumer has the relevant grounds, we assist with the rescission of Magistrate and High Court judgments and general credit report restoration. Debt relief assistance includes sequestration, also known as voluntary surrender, debt mediation and negotiation and rehabilitation after sequestration. Assistance with consumer matters such as the purchase of defective goods or services, disputes relating to consumer agreements and the termination thereof, is also provided. In short, our areas of legal practice focus on the protection, enforcement and realization of consumer rights as entrenched in the Insolvency Act 34 of 1936National Credit Act 34 of 2005 and the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008

Campbell Attorneys’ niche practice areas are in consumer law, debt mediation and negotiation, credit law, credit report restoration, reckless credit investigations and general insolvency law. We give honest and transparent advice and solutions as we appreciate the sensitivity and complexity of consumers in financial distress or with impaired credit reports. We aim to provide the best possible solution and service based on our experience and expertise. Over more than 16 years our consumer assistance, credit repair and debt help services have benefited thousands of consumers throughout South Africa, including expats living abroad. As far as possible, our fees are set and disclosed upfront. Contact us for a non-obligatory assessment of your case.