Testimonial 49

Thank you so much.

You have no idea how much your effective communication has put me at ease, you are all so very professional.

I applied for this in 2017 and was referred by them to use their lawyers and for 8 months i was sent up and down, i kept calling trying to find out what was going on. There was very little communication and was in the dark until i wanted to let them know that i am married. To get a response that because i am married they cannot assist me anymore.

To get hold of people was a mission , to get an answer was a mission, no court date nothing. After having paid in full.

So from that to this , i really appreciate all your efforts that you put into this and your communication throughout.

Testimonial 47

You guys are the best! Thank you very much for your help I would also like to place a compliment for you for your prompt work ,keep doing what you do and change people’s lives for the better.

Testimonial 45

I just want to say thank you for dedicate work you done to me. You  real help me in this debit review process . I am out of debit review and I managed to buy a house and my house was approved. I will like to say thank you so much……well done  for your good job you doing.


Testimonial 43

I would like to say thank you for a professional service.

Amukelani has been very professional and his service has been outstanding throughout my whole proceedings.

Testimonial 41

Thank you so much for the great and professional work your office has done regarding the matters I requested your assistance with. I am particularly pleased by your constant communication regarding updates on the matter. This went a long one to assure me that I could rely on you as my lawyers and that you would go with me every step of the way- Well done ! Kindly pass my great appreciation to Nicky , whom I have copied herewith.

I have a few other outstanding matters I need assistance with and I will be contacting your office in due course.

Testimonial 38

Thank you for the help, you are absolutely great i will make a point of it to recommend you to all my friend and people i know. May i advertise you on Linkedin, FB and Twitter? Thank you Mr Nicky – what do i owe you for your help? If not payment, would a Voucher do well?

Testimonial 36

I would kindly like to take this opportunity and thank you very much for the time and effort you invested in sorting out this case. It was a very smooth, quick and well executed task and i do believe that you are the best in this regards.

Testimonial 34

Good day, Nicky,

Thank you for your response and noted, as i did remember your honesty and sincerity in your responses whilst you were at Logan Attorneys.

Testimonial 32

Firstly massive thank you to you and your team for rescinding my debt review. I always assumed it is going to be a scary and messy process but with your help, I didn’t even realise it was happening.

Testimonial 30

It is a great pleasure for me to get this opportunity to write these few words in appreciation of what (Campbell Attorneys) has done for me especially Nicky Campbell who communicated with the Wonderpark Edgars manager at Pretoria North.
I was having a problem of the cellphone which I bought it from Edgars Wonderpark and I brought it back within a week because of other features which were not functioning .When I brought it back , they did not want to exchange it or refund me , they said it will go for repairs.
After repairs it came back still having the same problems, that is where I invited South African Law Centre to intervene of which Nicky was the one who was a mediator as a result I got my money back .I salute her for her good work she has done for me . May God bless you all.
From your humble client